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We build defence capabilities every day

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is a government administrative agency under the Ministry of Defence. We develop, build, operate and divest real estate for the defence sector.

Our social responsibility

The Norwegian Armed Forces’ most important job is to defend our country. The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency’s task is to ensure the Norwegian Armed Forces have efficient and flexible facilities in order to train, learn and live, as well as cost effective solutions causing resources to be freed up in order to strengthen the Norwegian Armed Forces core activities. In this manner, we contribute to building defence capabilities, every single day.

We are the government's adviser

Advice regarding securing buildings, cultural heritage protection and disposals is also an important contribution for freeing up capital to strengthen the operational ability of the Norwegian Armed Forces. The knock-on effects of The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency’s activities benefit the whole of the population of Norway, both within and outside the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The defence sector's properties

The defence sector’s administration model makes the costs visible for properties, buildings and facilities (EBA) and makes administration efficient. The Ministry of Defence owns the properties the defence sector uses and decides how these are to be used and developed. The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is responsible for the development, building, maintenance and operation of EBA for which the defence sector pays rent. The Norwegian Armed Forces is a tenant and a user. They prioritise based on their needs and set requirements. The administrative model has been adopted by the Storting.

The property portfolio represents a unique diversity of property, buildings and facilities - from the modern to the historical, from homes to training areas and firing ranges. The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is the largest public estate agency in Norway.



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